Read the original PRESS RELEASE that launched the book

Guardian – Harriet Sherwood “Senior bishop calls for change in C of E attitudes towards gays ”

Christian Today – Ruth Gledhill “Leading evangelical bishops call for Church to change on gays”

Video Interview with Bishop Paul Bayes “We need to Extend the Table” by Ruth Gledhill for Christian Today

Diocese of Liverpool Press Statement – “Church ‘Must Give a Hearing to Evangelical Journeys of Acceptance for Same-Sex Relationships”

Telegraph – John Bingham “Two Bishops Urge Clerics to Rethink ‘Interpretations’ of the Bible that Condemn Homosexuality”

Thnking Anglicans – “Bishops Call for Church to Change on Gays”

Press Reader – “Church Must Welcome Gay Christians says C of E Bishop”

Sunday 19th June 2016 – Radio Interviews

BBC R4 Sunday – Bishop Paul Bayes is interviewed by Ed Stourton (at 11mins)
BBC Radio London – the Very Rev Dr David Ison is interviewed by Jumoke Fashola (1 hr 40 mins)

Interviews with Jayne Ozanne:

BBC Radio Oxford (Ali Jones) – at a 1hr 9mins
BBC Radio Lancashire (Joe Wilson) – at 1hr 22mins
BBC Radio Cumbria (Richard Corrie) – at 1hr 38mins
BBC Radio Cornwall (Donna Birrell) – at 2hr 3mins
BBC Radio Guernsey (Andy Hislop) – at 1hr 38mins